Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Fedor answers the fans questions

here it is:

rich1. Did you watch Velasquez – Lesnar fight and what is your impression of Cain?

— Velasquez is a very good, interesting and well-rounded fighter. I followed his career and knew that he would make big trouble for Brock Lesnar. If Velasquez continues progressing, working a lot for self-developing and improving then he will be UFC champion for a long time.

pitbull88. When did you last fight outside the ring, e.g. in the street?

— Outside the ring I had to apply force in army. I fought at school. I do not fight in the streets now thanks to God.

Vyachesr. How much time do you spare working with weight during your training, in particular with big weights?

— Practically I do not spare any time for it. I replace it by wrestling, training using bar and I throwing hands using light beam. During off-season I can bench press a little but every time I am convinced that it is a little unnecessary for me. There are as many methods as sportsmen, thus I can’t speak for all. Some train with weights, some prefer exercises with rubber; others work with rope and etc…

20082012. What is your favourite movie, Fedor?

— I like movies without aggression and violence. Even if a movie has such scenes they need to be meaningful, but not just stupid special effects and bloody mess. I believe that every movie must have a meaning so that when leaving a cinema a man could think about and change something in him for better. A film has to touch some chords of a soul. I, for example, liked our movies “Priest”, “Island”. Out of foreign films I liked "Hachiko: A Dog's Story ".
kal-u-vorot. If you have a son, would you like that he followed your footsteps?
— If God Bless I have a son I would first and foremost like that he becomes a good person, faithful and loving his motherland. It is not necessary to follow my footsteps.

svyatik007. Do you watch matches of our soccer team?

— I do not watch soccer. I do not have time for it either, and in general I am not a fan of soccer. I only support our Russian National Team, but so far they are disappointing.

aksel1992. What beer do you like or you do not drink beer?

— I almost do not take alcoholic drinks, therefore I can’t reply to this question. Sorry.

serega1878mufc. What is your younger brother Ivan doing now?

— Ivan is in military service now.

Revolutioner. Did you go in for other sports (besides combat sports) in childhood?

— When I was eight-nine years old the farther of one of my class-mates organised a soccer group and we went there. But it lasted not a long time and I can not recall much about it. I played in yard games as all the children. From 11 years old I started Judo and Sambo so I did not have time for other sports.

svyatik007. You’ve been to many cities, by which one you was impressed most?

— To tell the truth I do not like travelling much. Always hurry to return to my Stary Oskol.

kwinsi77777. Have you served in Army?
— I served in army for two years. I spent one year in the fire fighting unit. Then our brigade was disbanded, and the second year I served in the tank division.

Saniau. I am a big supporter of Povetkin. It is interesting to hear your opinion about Alexander as a fighter and his chances against Klitschko.
— Sanya Povetkin is my friend, so maybe I’ll be biased to some degree. We often phone each other, meet and we want to train together, but can’t manage to do it. I consider Alexander as one of the best Russian sportsmen. His titles and wins say for him. As for Klitschko fight I can say that any contract is not easy to make. As a rule, lies, scandals and other unpleasant situations are hidden behind each contract. Speaking of chances they are always there. It is clear that now Klitschko is a favourite and he is a world champion, but I am sure that Sanya is ready to disturb the hegemony of the brothers.

svyatik007. What qualities do you like in a person?

— Each person must tend to be kind. I like when a person is humane, able to forgive, ready to help and support at any time. That is we have to treat people the same way as we want to be treated.

Chinuk. Many times I heard from you that you do not feel fury or aggression, but did you have the feelings before?

— I do not feel any aggression towards my opponents; there is only probably pure sports fury which disappears after a fight. As I remember I did not have negative feelings towards my opponent.

Logiq. Do you care about how your name is pronounced? As your name is often pronounced incorrectly.

— I understand that my surname is difficult to pronounce for foreigners. For example there is no “L” in Japanese, they pronounce it as “R”. Americans have difficulty to pronounce my name as they do not have “?” letter.

Korgic. EA MMA game will be released soon, did you participate in the creation of the game?

— Yes the game is already released. Several weeks ago we’ve been to its presentation in USA. The game creators specially came to Stary Oskol, filmed the training, watched my fights, and took photos in different positions which could happen in a fight. With regard to my virtual fight with Randy Couture, I practically did not train. I was shown the main buttons and was given five minute to practice. I learned quickly to my surprise and won. But I think that I was lucky.

svyatik007. Do you communicate with your competitors outside the ring?

— We only communicate during competitions. We can talk during or after a conference, but that’s it. We do not closely communicate or have e-mail correspondence.

shuka96. Why do you think young men, girls would rather go drink beer or smoke a weed than go in for sports now?

— In the first place it is necessary to work with mass media where there is practically no censorship. There is propaganda of depravity, violence and as a result the youth change their life values and the joy of life. There is an open advertising of alcohol and cigarettes, which in addition are available to any young man at any time. For example, before a man was considered defective if he did not pass service in army, and now it is vice versa. If before there was patriotism and love to motherland, now there is none. There is need of a strong tough but not cruel arm to put things in order. The youth which drinks, smokes and use drugs will have to understand that it is done for their own good. And if they will not understand it we will just lose our young people in some period of time. Look, the present generation do not want to work, but at the same time they want to have a flat, a car. Always being in state of euphoria they lose contact with reality and do not understand what the real life represents.

virus2321. What are you planning to do after end of career?

— I do not know, but I think God will help me with the right choice. The one thing I am sure of is I will continue attending gym either it will be professional or amateur activity. In any case I will pass my knowledge on to young generation. I would like to be useful.

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